Project - AHRS Port


  • This is an attempt to Port Adruino AHRS code to .NET
  • Although not a total failure there is way to go to get this working
  • Drift Compensation has been disabled and the application output Pitch Roll and Yaw almost correctly
  • With Drift enabled the PRY are highly unstable, there is obviously an error in the math, but I’m yet to spot it
  • I’m still working on this, but am posting this in the hope that it can be improved upon by the wider community.
  • Output is compatible with the example Python program posted on the Polu site Pololu - MinIMU-9 Gyro, Accelerometer, and Compass (L3G4200D and LSM303DLM Carrier)
  • I started the port from code posted on the Pololu site the but then restructured it to look more like the code posted here

Thanks for sharing!