Project - A sample game application that uses Glide and

A sample game application that uses Glide and

The main reason for this code share is a distinct lack of examples of projects out there ;-).

The project is specifically aimed at the Fez Spider and requires the Glide dll’s to be added to enable it to compile. It used .net Micro Framework 4.2 and is Written in

The attached images show the Gadgeteer Plumbing and a few of the Glide screen that was used. These were generated using the Designer on the GHI Website.

The main game view used three empty Text Blocks over the maze area of the window. These were wired to tap events to enable the player to move around the maze by touching different areas of the maze window.

This and all the different Glide Windows are shown in the video.

To use this project you will need the SD Card module and the Tyrannt.7z file that is included in the project extracted to the root of an SD Card and that card inserted into the module. It contains the graphics used in the game plus will also store your character details.


I think I broke the Code view in code snippets, like Microsoft it refuses to believe anyone used VB :wink:

Yep, it is a known issue. You can’t view VB files just yet.


Any screen snapshots to share?

I added some to the submission, but they don’t seem to have appeared. This is the video I tried to add…


Looks nice!

Looks great, tweet away.

I am pleased to see the vb code. This seems to be a very interressantes project.

jasuk70 - I’m still not able to view your vb code on codeshare. I thought this issue was fixed a few weeks ago!

@ jasdev If you download it, you can view it with ease ;-). It’s pretty small in size.

Here it is