Project - 555 timer driving a 7 segment LED display

I just posted 555 timer driving a 7 segment LED display on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Write up is here:

Thanks for viewing!

Anyone notice the FEZ Monkey? ;D

I noticed it. These are really nice projects and help cover that part of the Gadgeteer spectrum that hasn’t been well covered in terms of getting down and dirty with hardware with Gadgeteer. Keep it going!!!

I used to think a Bread Board was something we sliced bread on…

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@ Duke Nukem - The REAL breadboard…


UPDATE: Fixed the video embed. It wasn’t working because I was being a goober and doing it wrong. :-[

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That’s so funny. Look at the size of those wires. They must be military grade.

Well, the upside is no worries about overheating. In working on a temporary bypass for a bad switch on our clothes washer, I initially tried just using one of my breadboard jumpers, and it started overheating quickly. So I switched to a 12 or 14-gauge solid core wire with spade lugs crimped on. No problems with overheating there.

There are times when bigger is definitely better. :slight_smile: