Programming FezDuino (SC20100)

Hi everyone,
I’ve been dropped in the deep end on an old project that was poorly documented by the (no longer around) intern who completed it. Basically I have a bunch of FezDuinos that I need to program with a previously created project in Visual Studio, but I’m baffled at every step.

There are 3 buttons (BTN1, BTN2 and BOOT0) plus the reset button on the board. If I open TinyCLR Config, I can see FEZCLR and sometimes COM5(GHI Electronics) under the Ports dropdown. If I select FEZCLR and try to connect, I get “Device’s version mismatch. Some features may work incorrectly”. Connecting anyway, I see Device Mode: Loader and Version: 2.0.4. Attempting to update the firmware to the latest from GHI (v2.2.0.6100), I see “The uploaded file is corrupt” under Status.

I don’t seem to be able to just program the thing from Visual Studio either, as the debugger engine fails to attach to anything.

The logo on the board indicates it is a FEZ T18 Rev D


FEZ T18 only works with TinyCLR OS 1.0 – it will not run TinyCLR 2.0.

You can’t update to

FEZ T18 (

Ah yes the documentation I was looking at was in fact for a different board. I rejiggered some stuff and now it seems to be working… kind of. Now when I try to program the board, I see this (Changed board to a Panda III with the G80 SoC). Why does it show 0 bytes available? Does this indicate the project was written for a different board?

Also not supported by current TinyClr… only 1.0 version.

Are you sure the device uses TinyClr? When was the work done?

I don’t believe that TinyClr 1.0 ever got to the point where it should have used in a production application.

BTW, the output you showed is not kind of working…