Programming deployment in production


I use a lot of GHI product for personnal uses and protyping in educational.
So easy to program and make the deployment. I use Visual Studio and USB for that.
But, i have planed now to make a prodution of a product. And I ask myself, what method is the best/quickest to deploy program with big number of cards ?
Things to know now, while i am designing the final product…
Thanks for responses in advance.

Anything I produce in volumes greater than about 100 is usually programmed in a bed-of-nails fixture, as this is already a part of the test process. You might look into this if your PCB design has test points for the necessary USB traces. Bed-of-nails requires custom fixturing though, so if your production rates are too small this may not be cost effective.

If you want to perform programming by hand, and your design does not include a USB port, you might think about including a connectorless header footprint. I use these for all kinds of things, as you just have to buy one cable, and the footprint is just a bunch of pads. No connector on the BOM.

Thank you very much for this answer, and yes, those two way of process are nice to consider. Thanks for that.
I will probably using a TH-30 for the first product, so yes, USB is included.
By the way, what software do you use to program target ? I suppose not VS…
I saw that it can be done by Fez Config (i don’t know exacly how), is that the way you use ?

@ gregFR14 - Included with the Microsoft MF SDK is a program called MFDeploy. It uses a DLL, which you could use to develop a custom deployment program.