Programmable flash

I am using the programmable flash in multiple byte arrays. Each array corresponds to a variable that I want to save. I have reserved 32 bytes per variable and each variable is assign an index. The storage location is therefore index * 32.
I changed the array size to 48 and I get invalid operation. I have also found that after reset or power down/up that some variables (byte arrays) show up as all 0xFF Is there some timing restrictions I need to be aware of ? Is there byte array size restriction ? What is the write/erase cycle maximum ?

We have found a couple of issues with secure storage and it got changed quite a bit to include otp.

Not sure what issue you have but I recommend you wait a couple of days.

Ok, I can still use SD card for now

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The size and destination offset need to be multiply of 32, so 48 won’t work.

But the API have changed so you can wait until next release.

When is preview 7 scheduled?

Next week… And it will be a release candidate :grin::nerd_face:

Any release notes yet ?

No but you can see the docs and libs repos in GitHub for changes.