Program very slow in Deploy mode


I wrote a program on FEZSpider under VS2012 Express, working fine in Debug mode.
But When I deploy it on the board (vie VS), program running very slow, take several minute to make a simple action.
I delete all Debug trace in the program before deployment and Release Build don’t change speed.

Can somebody have an idea ?
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@ sebillen - Welcome to the forum!

Hard to say without taking a peak at your code. :wink:

How can I share my code with you ?

@ sebillen - Is there a lot of code? May be post here?

There is an issue with NETMF:
When USB cable is connected, but no Debugger (like VisualStudio) is actively connected, then every debug Output gets slow.
These are not only calls to Debug.Print, but also all Outputs from exceptions, garbage collector, thread Scheduler, …
If it gets fast when the USB cable is disconnected, thenm this is the cause of the Problem.

Could be related to a known known issue. I don’t have the Codeplex issue number at hand, but it had to do with timeouts after debug output buffer overflows, and the board trying repeatedly to connect to VS.

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Thanks all,
I am in related case. When I run device without USB cable, device work fine.