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Profile avatar upload busted?


Trying to upload a new avatar image with no luck. I cleared my local IE cache, logged out, etc, etc… the file is not too big at ~ 60Kb. My existing image also got resized somehow in the process. A strange but true story.


New avatar has appeared!


What was the link again?


What link? The file I was trying to upload magically appeared about 2 days after I uploaded it… attributed to some kind of quiet site bug fix maybe? ot maybe it resolved after I finally cleared IE caches on several computers…


I guess this link:


That’s the only place I know of for changing the image. I tried it repeatedly with no luck one day. No error was thrown, but the image did not update. Some of it may be IE9 related, some of it may be local cache related, who knows ::slight_smile:


Probably image was updated but your browser’s cash showed the old one?


That’s my guess… except that I repeatedly cleared the cache and uploaded with no change… so something was flaky, but seems to have resolved itself. Moving big byte chunks around the internet is never a sure thing IMO.