Product Life Cycle and the Chain of Trust

When designing a new electronic product there are many things to consider. One of them is the life cycle of the components you use and the chain of trust from it’s suppliers. We explain how GHI electronics is working to build that trust chain.


Great video. This exact topic has been on my mind all summer as I’m pretty much putting my eggs in the GHI basket. In fact I remember sending a private message not that long ago asking about product lifecycles and now I understand the response even more. It seems “old products never really die at GHI” :smile:

The last two tech talk videos were eye opening as well. You’re taking your own products, and despite all of the work you’ve been putting in to the next evolution of NETMF, you have taken the time to test mbed and arduino on them. So now, while carrying the torch forward on .NET, you have also demonstrated how the future of designs are not necessarily contingent upon that framework, or the completion of the next evolution of that framework.

Thanks for the hard work guys. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable getting in to commercial products based off of these systems.


It is great to see that you and others understand what we are doing. Our hard work is paid off through the awesome feedback we regularly receive.

Thank you.


I start working on ARM STM32F4xx only when I’ve got show spotantineous capabilities of them and experiment a lot with mBed .

Latter I saw .Net Micro and all path directed me to GHI Electronics so i decide to asquire G120 (Spider Kit II) one day.

And in GHI showed how pretty well they gave support via code share,consulty and different way that make me feel as member of family not like just an outer potential client and showed as you say above GHI old Electronis never die so that make us confident even after certain time on hardware or software so thanx a lot to them(because they care no just for us but care for us to not fail we to our client too)