Problems with Network after Update

I just updated my chipworx board with the latest firmware (4.1.8 and 4.1.5 for tinybooter).
Then I connected my board via USB with MFDeploy to change the MAC address (Target - Configuration - Network).
I changed the MAC address, enabled DHCP and set all other inputs to
Now I can’t find the chipworkx board in my network.

With correct network parameters, I can find the module. But I’d like to use only DHCP.
What went wrong?

[quote]enabled DHCP and set all other inputs to
[/quote]Do you mean that you used the DHCP enable option in MFDeploy? We disabled this option intentionally. You need to enable Dhcp in the C# application. Take a look at GHIElectroincs library documentation Ethernet class. There is an example over there how to use DHCP.

In the GHI documentation for ethernet is a note, that enableDHCP “is blocking”, also RenewDHCPLease(). What does “blocking” mean in this case?

That it will block all other threads until it’s done

@ Lionheart,

See my post ont your other topic !