Problem with the camera module

I updated the Fez Spider to the latest firmware. I started a NETMF 4.3 Project and tried to run a program which works in 4.2. It’s a small sample I found somewhere…
I use a button to initiate a camera.takepicture.

  void button_ButtonPressed(Button sender, Button.ButtonState state)

    void camera_PictureCaptured(Camera sender, GT.Picture picture)
        displayTE35.SimpleGraphics.DisplayImage(picture, 0, 0);

In 4.2 it works in 4.3 it doesn’t as the camera does not get ready.
What’s wrong??

@ mflume - See this thread (and the thread referred to by @ Sprigo’s response):

I must say I am quite a bit frustrated.
Since two years I want to use GHI’s Gadgeteer system in my lessons in school.
I can’t do it until now as there always have been difficulties which make it unsuitable for the group of absolute beginners I have.
First deployment / debugging did only work by chance, Then a lot of GHI’s examples don’t work because of renamings. Then modules disappear, and other modules don’t work at all.
I open an old project and I get only gray sqares on the screen instead of connected devices.
And so on…
I need to have a set of devices which work out of the box with no need to change the firmware or something else at least for basic experiments.
For me at home it is not very difficult to find a solution for this or that but if I have 40 Kit’s or so it would be too much to change things every now and then.
So please GHI:

  • Make things work as they should!
  • Do a set of simple! examples with the actual framework which show the basic functionality of your modules.
  • Put the examples in one place to find them easily.
  • if you change things in the framework keep both versions and make a remark which example is for which framework.

Lessons learned, we already have everything your asked for. The biggest one is to not change the api in the future. The documentation provided today reflects the locked sdk, which has been the case for few months.

We apologize for any inconvenience and please let us know if you see anything that requires further attention.