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Problem with system update?



Could you confirm if there was any change on the code of SystemUpdate since SDK v1.0.11?

We where in the process of remote updating our deployed systems when we stumbled on what can be a major problem in system update.
A brief insight on the process first:

  • We use a managed bootloader app to check for newer versions with a server and then download them if required.
  • The code of the app in the server hasn’t being changed since the original production release.
  • The code of the managed bootloader either. Just recompiled for new SDK v1.0.13.

All systems which here running microframework+app+managed bootloader compiled against SDK v1.0.11 where updated successfully.
By accident a development system “suffered” a forced system update which caused the board to undergo an update for the same framework and apps. No big deal here, this has happened in the past and EmbeddedMaster just updates itself for the same versions. The issue has that it got bricked to the point in which only a forced reboot, erase and bootloader installer could repair it.
We repeated the test with 2 other boards and the behaviour was exactly the same.
To be 100% sure we erased and installed back in one of the boards the microframework+app+managed bootloader compiled against SDK v1.0.11. Runs OK, goes to managed bootloader OK, updates itself to
microframework+app+managed bootloader compiled against SDK v1.0.13.
Forced update to same version and it bricks again.


  • there should be no issues with the code as nothing was changed from SDK v1.0.11
  • updating from SDK v1.0.11 to 1.0.13 goes smoothly
  • there should be no issues with the procedure and hex files on server as update from 1.0.11 to 1.0.13 can be done without problems and the system performs as expected

The suspect is therefore the SystemUpdate.
Debugging the managed bootloader application everything runs as expected up to the point where SystemUpdate.CompleteUpdate.End() is called. After this VS2010 and the board freeze. The board doesnt even show on mfdeploy, it requires a forced bootloader, erase and bootload update to show up again.

Appreciate your confirmation on the above and hopefully a workaround or will be done for good as far as system udpates are concerned with our deployed systems.
Let me know if you need any further explanations.


Let us try it and get back to you.


Any update on this?


Thank you for reporting the issue. There seems to be a problem and we are working to fix it asap.