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Problem with SerialCamera L1



I am trying to do some work with the serial camera L1 but the “serialCameraL1.NewImageReady” Property is always 0. I am working with a FEZ Hydra with Version 4.3 and the 2014 R5 SDK.

Here is my whole code. Any help would be appreciated.

public partial class Program
        private readonly GT.Timer _timer = new GT.Timer(5000);
        void ProgramStarted()

            _timer.Tick += _timer_Tick;

        void _timer_Tick(GT.Timer timer)

            if (serialCameraL1.NewImageReady)
                var image = serialCameraL1.GetImage();
                Debug.Print("Image Size " + image.Height + "x" + image.Width);




Try to stop timer inside if close


Hi Alex,

thanks for this suggestion but the problem persists.
Any other ideas?



First, try the example in .

They poll the camera every 100ms. You are polling every 5 seconds.

Since you are streaming, it is possible that the image is ready, and then goes not ready as it starts the next picture.

Does the camera class have an event when an image is ready?


Hi Mike,

that was the case. Great and thanks for your help.