Problem with Serial port 7bits data mode

I have a problem with the serial port. I tried an UsbSerial and a RS232 module but the problem is equal.
I need to use it with 7bits datas, parity even, 1stop bit and 9600bps.
I’m using the last sdk on a cerberus mainboard.
Sending datas into with this config works fine but the problem is the following :
When receiving datas (output of method ReadByte() ), the readed bytes MSB are always true, corrupting datas. (read 0x82 instead of 0x02, 0xA0 instead of 0x20,…)

Is this a known problem or do someone have the same problem?


7bit is not tested. Do you know if the processor supports it?

Hi Gus.

No i don’t know and i don’t find this info into the processor’s datasheet.
Most serial port accept this mode.
I didn’t notice this problem with the old firmware???

Datas are correct with an And operation on the 8th bit to clear the bit… I use this solution to solve my problem but it isn’t the best one.