Problem with reflashing DL40


I want to reflash my DL40 module. I followed instruction on this link: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software. So I used my FEZ Spider (firmware version 4.1.8) connected T35 display and DL40 to socket 11. Then I deployed Visual Studio Solution for DL40 reflashing, found on this link After touch to display, I get two messages, first Beginning chip reflash…, and Connecting… After that, noting happens.
The code hangs, when spider send ? to the module using UART, and then waits for any response. But response never arrives. I already tried to change baud rate from 9600, to 38.400 and 115.200. Also changing socket to number 9 didnt helped.

DL40 works normal. I can use it as a daisy link module.

What else can I do?

On the dl40, which socket do you have the cable plugged into?

@ Steven, thank you for you reply. I used XY* port on DL40. Now I tried with * port and it works!


Glad it works now!