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Problem with picture_captured function?


Hello, I’m developing an application that if someone digits the wrong passcode, the system takes a picture and sends it to a webserver and also saves it into the SD
The problem is that the first time the system works, the second time don’t.
Inside the picture_captured function I write the webserver code and the SD code, if I comment one of them, the other still doesn’t work, so is it a problem with the camera function? (with the webserver I’ve got a 10054 error and no photo saved, with the SD no error but still no photo saved)

Here is part of the code:

        private void camera_PictureCaptured(Camera sender, GT.Picture picture)
                  POSTContent postData = POSTContent.CreateBinaryBasedContent(picture.PictureData);
                  HttpRequest reqData = HttpHelper.CreateHttpPostRequest("", postData, "image/bmp");
                  Glide.MainWindow = wind4;

Thank you very much


Update: I solved with the SD code, it was a problem with the setTime function that I deleted.
So the problem now is only with the webserver

I tried calling back the camera.takepicture() inside the picture_captured, and it worked, so it’s like a problem that exiting picture_captured thread, the second time the webserver doesn’t work.
Is there a way to solve this?


I solved the problem, I write here in order to help others.
Basically I do not send the entire picture, but piece by piece using a HttpWebRequest.
In this way (slower) I have no error


 HttpWebRequest httpWebRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create("");
        httpWebRequest.Method = "POST";

        var pic = picture.PictureData;
        httpWebRequest.ContentLength = pic.Length;
        httpWebRequest.ContentType = "image/bmp";
        using (Stream stream = httpWebRequest.GetRequestStream())
            int written = 0;
            while (written < pic.Length)
                int toWrite = System.Math.Min(8192, pic.Length - written);
                stream.Write(pic, written, toWrite);
                written += toWrite;
        var response = httpWebRequest.GetResponse() as HttpWebResponse;