Problem with Joystick get_x, get_y

Hello, excuse me for my bad english i’m french.
I have one problem with the return value by the joystick.
If i move axe x only, get_y() return 1-get_x() value(WTF)
But if i move axe y only, x and y don’t change…
It’s normal?
I have one FEZ Medusa Shield3D with UDOO(Programming port in Arduino)

thank you for your answers

@ matoran - This is not normal behavior. We will be looking into this and get back to you with the results. What socket are you running the Joystick module on?

I use socket 3.

@ matoran - Sorry to not have asked this in the first question, but are you using the Due or the Mega/ADK?

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@ matoran - I was unable to reproduce this issue using an Arduino Mega ADK. Can you post your code so that we may look for any possible issues there?

I use the Due.
The code :

 #include <Wire.h>
 #include <SPI.h>
 #include <Gadgeteering.h>

 #include <Mainboards/FEZMedusaShield3D.h>

 #include <Modules/Button.h>
 #include <Modules/Joystick.h>
 #include <Modules/PulseCount.h>
 #include <Modules/MotorDriverL298.h>
 #include <Modules/CharacterDisplay.h>
 #include <string.h>

using namespace gadgeteering;
using namespace gadgeteering::mainboards;
using namespace gadgeteering::modules;

fez_medusa_shield_3d board;

//declare pointers of components
button* my_button;
joystick* my_joystick;
motor_driver_l298* my_motor_driver_l298;
character_display* my_character_display;
pulse_count* my_pulse_count;
pulse_count* my_pulse_count2;
float speed_1 = 0;
int last_speed_1 = 0;
int last_speed_2 = 0;
char str[15];

void setup() {
  //initialise all pointers 
  my_button = new button(4);
  my_motor_driver_l298 = new motor_driver_l298(1);
  my_character_display = new character_display(12);
  my_joystick = new joystick(2);
  my_pulse_count = new pulse_count(3);
  my_pulse_count2 = new pulse_count(10);
void loop() {  
  //clear display
  //max speed is 100, joystick is 1
  speed_1 = my_joystick->get_y()*100;
  //decelerate motor 
  if(my_joystick->get_y() < 0.4){
    speed_1 = (0.5-my_joystick->get_y())*200*-1;
    last_speed_1 -= 1;
    //accelerate motor
  } else if(my_joystick->get_y() > 0.6){
    speed_1 = (my_joystick->get_y()-0.5)*200;
    last_speed_1 += 1;
    //else goto stop motor
    speed_1 = 0;
    if(last_speed_1 > 0){      
      last_speed_1 -= 1;
      last_speed_1 += 1;
  //turn left
  if(my_joystick->get_x() < 0.4){
    last_speed_1 -= 1;     
  //turn right
  }else if(my_joystick->get_x() > 0.6){
    last_speed_2 -= 1;  
  //go straight
    last_speed_2 = last_speed_1;  
  my_motor_driver_l298->move_motor(0, last_speed_1);
  my_motor_driver_l298->move_motor(1, last_speed_2);
  //display value of joystick in display
  sprintf(str, "%4.2f", my_joystick->get_x());
  sprintf(str, "%4.2f", my_joystick->get_y());

@ matoran - If you have your joystick physically on Socket 3, then the issue is in code you have it set to use Socket 2. Otherwise, I will retest this today on a Due with your code.