Problem with FEZ PANDA II

Today I got this board. But I have problems with it. I can not get it to work.

The “ping” returns:

Pinging ... TinyCLR

If you check the device to upgrade FW:

Loader (TinyBooter) version information:
  Loader (TinyBooter) Version: Not present on the device.

  Firmware (TinyCLR) version information: on this device.
  Please wait for the device to reboot ... Done. "

Check the device in “.NET Micro Framework Deployement Tool”:

Pinging... Waiting for debug commands...
HalSystemInfo.oemCode:                  0
HalSystemInfo.modelCode:                0
HalSystemInfo.skuCode:                  0
ClrInfo.clrVersion:                     4.1.2821.0
ClrInfo.clrVendorInfo:                  Microsoft Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rig
ClrInfo.targetFrameworkVersion:         4.1.2821.0
SolutionReleaseInfo.solutionVendorInfo: GHI Electronics, LLC
SoftwareVersion.BuildDate:              Dec 22 2011
SoftwareVersion.CompilerVersion:        410561
FloatingPoint:                          True
SourceLevelDebugging:                   True
ThreadCreateEx:                         True
LCD.Width:                              0
LCD.Height:                             0
LCD.BitsPerPixel:                       0
AppDomains:                             True
ExceptionFilters:                       True
IncrementalDeployment:                  True
SoftReboot:                             True
Profiling:                              False
ProfilingAllocations:                   False
ProfilingCalls:                         False
IsUnknown:                              False

It will help anyone ?? I would just blink LED but no USB devices. Here are 3 links to pictures.
2. .NET Micro Framework Deployement Tool
3. Visual Studio 2010 - USB err

Please upload the pictures to the forum.

It Looks like it is working fine. What is the problem?

The problem is that it can not be programmed.

So one more observation.
If you open MFDeploy from “Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1”, so there is no visible USBizi.
But MFDeploy from “Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.3” is right.
This problem is seen in the figure below.

I am guessing the problem is that you are using the new WinUSB drivers. Try the legacy USB drivers. I am not wire but it is worth the try.

Show us what you see under device manager please.

Screen of Device Manager.

Yes I believe this is the new WinUSB driver. This driver came out after Panda so I am not sure if it is compatible.

@ Gus - What should the legacy driver show up as?

@ jirkaj4 - I’ve got a Panda II I just tested with the latest released 4.3 SDKs and VS Express for Desktop 2012. I can see the USBizi device in MFDeploy, and can deploy a program successfully.

My install is Windows 8.1 Pro, with VS Express for Desktop 2012, current NETMF (4.3 QFE1) and Gadgeteer SDK, and GHI SDK 2014 R5. Didn’t change any of the defaults during install.

Hope that helps.

@ jirkaj4 - Also, have you looked through the docs here:


@ devhammer - I think the old driver said micro framework instead of netmf.

Ok. I reinstalled the drivers. Now I see the plate in Visual Studio 2010. But I’m here again mistake. Unable to load project.

More on the images below.

Remove any GHI assemblies from your project. Make sure you have selected 4.1 for target framework.

I am stupid. :smiley:

All who will get their hands FEZ PANDA II.

  1. Driver:
  2. Net framework:
    3. The in Visual Studio 2010 switch “Solution Configuration” from the Debug to RELEASE.

Thank you all for the quick help.