Problem with FEZ Cerberus - please help

Hello guys,

im using a FEZ Cerberus board which seems to have Firmaware version 4.2 installed.
The Cerb-Family Updater (v.4.3.) crashes while loading the Firmaware.hex.
Id highly appreciate any advise on how to get this fixed :slight_smile:

Thx in advance - Absolute

Does this help

Thanks for your answer, but I’m still getting an error while deploying the firmware to the mainboard.
Please see the attached image.

It seems like that there is a problem with erasing a certain sector on the mainboard before being able to deploye the file “firmware.hex”.

The same is happening at deploying with MFDeploy.


  • Installed latest FEZ Package (FEZ Config Version 2.0.6) with the latest NETMF 4.3
  • Started FEZ Config as Administrator
  • im using VMWare v.4

Any help is appreciated.
There must be a solution.


@ Absolute

Question: Your Developmentmachine with GHI SDK is a Virtual Machine?

Have you tested the update with a other computer (Win7/Win8.1 installed)?

yes it is a virtual machine and no, no testing on anything else so far.

Can you test it on a real hardware?

May be there is a problem with the virtual USB port.

VM support with the current SDK is much improved but not perfect. If you are having problems loading firmware, try in a real machine.

after loading the firmaware on real machine i can load my code on a VM now. Everything seems to work, thx for the help :slight_smile: