Problem with communicating with PC using USB ClientDP module

To communicate with PC using USB ClientDP module do I need to write a CDC (because I am using FEZ SPIDER and in here [quote]Key Features:

14 .NET Gadgeteer compatible sockets that include these types: X, Y, A, C, D, E, F, H, I, K, O, P, S, T, U, R, G, B and Z.
Configurable on-board LED
Configuration switches
Based on GHI Electronics EMX module
    72MHz. 32-bit ARM7 processor
    4.5 MB Flash
    16 MB RAM
    LCD controller
    Full TCP/IP Stack with SSL, HTTP, TCP, UDP, DHCP
    Ethernet, WiFi driver and PPP ( GPRS/ 3G modems) and DPWS
    USB host
    USB Device with specialized libraries to emulate devices like thumb-drive, [italic][b]virtual COM (CDC),[/b][/italic] mouse, keyboard
    76 GPIO Pin
    2 SPI (8/16bit)
    4 UART
    2 CAN Channels
    7 10-bit Analog Inputs.
    10-bit Analog Output (capable of WAV audio playback)
    4-bit SD/MMC Memory card interface
    6 PWM
    OneWire interface (available on any IO).
    Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) with the suitable crystal
    Processor register access
    OutputCompare for generating waveforms with high accuracy
    RLP allowing users to load native code (C/Assembly) for real-time requirements.
    Extended double-precision math class
    FAT File System
    Cryptography (AES and XTEA)
    Low power and hibernate support
    In-field update (from SD, network or other)
Dimensions: W 2.25" x L 2.05" x H 0.5"


Requires .NET Gadgeteer standard red modules to power the system like USB client DP.
Low power and hibernate modes
Active power consumption 160 mA
Idle power consumption 120 mA
Hibernate power consumption 40 mA


Operating temperature: -20 to 70°C
RoHS compliant /Lead-free compliant

For more information about .NET Gadgeteer visit:[/quote] they mention bout that Spider have CDC)? or can I do this in other way to communicate with PC using USB ClientDP module?

If you are going to use USB fro CDC then you need to use serial for debugging. You need to add RS232 or USB to serial module to use for debugging.

why cant I use usb CLIENT DP module to communicate with pc?is there any way to do this?because at this time I just only have FEZ SPIDER,USB CLIENT DP and Camera Module only ,i need to communicate with PC using USB CABLE please help me on this.

Yes you can use it but then how do you debug?

Note that debugging is supported over ethernet but this is a little advanced.

I suppose to buy a GSM Module, is it have drivers? I mean beta version?

Serial Debug and CDC just needs UART pins connected to a USB client controller chip. is the pre-made module, or if you wanted an alternate way and you had an extender you could use a USB to TTL module like and use a U socket.