Problem updating some EMX modules! Help pls!

I have a big problem updating firmware on some EMX modules.
These devices has firmware inside 4.1.3 and my laptop has
On 3 new emx module update goes fine, on some other old modules update doesn’t work at all and every timme it said signature check failed.
On these device with that problem I tried to install one old software produce with the old firmware 4.1.3 and works fine.
I can’t understand wich is the problem.
Some ideas??


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You have to update both TinyBooter and Firmware. On FEZ Config, go to Advanced -> Loader (TinyBooter) Update -> EMX or Spider

@ Matteo82 - It also sounds like you may be using MFDeploy. We recommend using FEZ Config for firmware updates as well as device configuration.

Ok I am just going to throw it out there but lately too I have had a heck of a time updating firmware on the EMX for some reason.

When I switch the device to loader mode, it takes many multiple times before it is recognized by the OS as a COM device. In fact, I almost returned my board because I thought it was defective. This did not happen with the other EMX boards I had.

I cannot tell exactly when and why this happened because quite honestly I wasnt expecting it and so what changed to cause this I dont know. It seemed to have started to occur after I updated to VS2012 and 4.2?

I did go uninstall and reinstall everything but it still seems to happen and yes I am using the ClientDP with an external power source.

I am sorry to be so vague but I am just putting it out there as info in @ Matteo82 defense :slight_smile: