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Problem updating Embedded Master to TinyCLR 4.1



I have an older development board. An Embedded Master Dev. Sys. Rev 2.4A with an LCD display.

It currently runs TinyCLR 4.0, and I am trying to update it to 4.1.

I have installed the USB drivers, GHI SDK, Thera Term and the NETMF 4.1 from here:

Everything installed nicely.

I then looked at the video here: - I believe it should be the same for EM.

I connect the USB interface to the USB port on the lower right on the board (power connector is on right side top).

When starting the device I hold UP, Select and Down button, and the board boots to a white screen; instead of the normal black TinyCLR screen with text.

Windows detects it as a virtual COM port 4.

So far so good.

I then start and connect TeraTerm to COM4.

When pressing V or q - nothing happens. According to the video it should respond with the version, or BL.

When pressing key in TeraTherm the TX LED near the USB interface blinks.

Any advice on resolving the issue?

I tried both on a Windows 7 64bit and a Windows XP 32 bit - same result.

If I connect the USB cable to the left top USB connector, MFDeply recognize it as EMX_EMX.

Pinging... TinyCLR
HalSystemInfo.halVersion:               4.0.1681.0
HalSystemInfo.halVendorInfo:            Microsoft Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rig
HalSystemInfo.oemCode:                  255
HalSystemInfo.modelCode:                0
HalSystemInfo.skuCode:                  65535
ClrInfo.clrVersion:                     4.0.1681.0
ClrInfo.clrVendorInfo:                  Microsoft Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rig
ClrInfo.targetFrameworkVersion:         4.0.1681.0
SolutionReleaseInfo.solutionVendorInfo: GHI Electronics, LLC
SoftwareVersion.BuildDate:              May 21 2010
SoftwareVersion.CompilerVersion:        310739
FloatingPoint:                          True
SourceLevelDebugging:                   True
ThreadCreateEx:                         True
LCD.Width:                              480
LCD.Height:                             272
LCD.BitsPerPixel:                       16
AppDomains:                             True
ExceptionFilters:                       True
IncrementalDeployment:                  True
SoftReboot:                             True
Profiling:                              False
ProfilingAllocations:                   False
ProfilingCalls:                         False
IsUnknown:                              False

  • any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:


Embedded Master’s boot loader interface supports only USB interface. The tinybooter should be updated through Embedded Master’s COM1 which is connected through USB2Serial chip connected to the lower USB port on the development system. and you have to set the right baudrate 115200.
This is old document might help you

May I ask why are you using Embedded Master? Are you aware that it is not recommended for new designs? We highly recommend that you use EMX and EMX development system


I had trouble also to upgrade my Embedded master so I updated the bootloader (which as far as I understand should not be updated but…) with the XMODEM procedure and this solved my problem.
I have a secret answer for Joe question :
[italic]May I ask why are you using Embedded Master?
the answer is :
[italic]because he has got (at least) one ![/italic]


Precisely :slight_smile: - only used for development. If we need to build something with the tech, we will probably go for the ChipworkX device.