Problem update tinyclr raptor


I am having problem to update my raptor to tinyCLR version

I used the SAM-BA v2.12 with the update.bat files. the tinybooter update worked has expected.

Then I use Fez config to update the tinyCLR with the firmware updater the process is successful. But my raptor is still with no tinyclr in it. I also use the advanced REBOOT CLR but it doesn’t work. There are still no tinyCLR


@ Mano -

You need to run the Firmware Updater. The loader is the hard part…
See image.

See for the loader.
Main thing is the need to jumper a socket to create the serial port for the loader.

G400 SoC products: Ground PA11, reset or power cycle the board. With power still ON, unground PA11

FEZ Raptor mainboard:

connect the board to the power supply and computer, 
locate socket 3,
on socket 3, connect pins 8 and 10 with a wire,
press the reset button on the Raptor board,
remove the wire ("unjumper") from pins 8 and 10

In either case, be sure to unjumper the FEZ Raptor board or the G400 processor within 3 seconds.

Thanks that’s what I did the tinybooter is updated but I’m not able to update the tinyclr it is empty as you can see on the print screen

I’ve experienced the same problem with two Hydra boards. They have been updated but FEZ Config shows this message each time. Try deploying a simple project, I used a new empty one, and check that it deploys correctly.