Problem porting TinyCLROS - to an STM32F407VGT6 board

i’m trying to port TinyOS 0.60 on this board that i received yesterday

a cheap [STM32F407VGT6 (28 Mhz Crystal) Board]

but i can not recognize USB OTG (seems no pullup there) for pins PA11, PA12
how (and what i need to activate usb there).

usb on the board do not start - and usb here more act as power supply only …

So what i need to do from changes something to make it usb recognised

here is board scheme i received from seller

ST datasheet xtal specs are 4 - 26 MHz, maybe 28 MHz is the issue.

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If that i change it with an 8 or 12 or any close to thuse values which i can divide well mcu speed from 168

168 / 8 = 21xtal cycles
168 / 12 = 14 xtal cycles

Hi guys

Can anyone identify this kind of xtal

Changed this Y2 to 12 Mhz but problem remain the same

Have you pulled BOOT0 and BOOT1 low on J4 and J5?

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Did that mean boot0 and boot1 to connect to gnd for low

(sorry for questions i’m not electronics proficient - i am corporate win/web and db developer)

Yes, for normal running both are pulled to gnd.
To enter dfu mode you pull boot0 to vcc at power up.

So to be maybe a little more helpful, you would normally pull them to GND with a pulldown resistor, and you can pull them high with a jumper or button to VCC as needed, but since you have a commercial board you may not have that luxury, and you’ll have to bodge.

Based on this schematic

Which i received from seller pa11/pa12 is not pulled up and are connected directly tu mcu

But when i put an 22ohm resistor between 3.3v and pa12 to pullup D+ line now appear to device manager but as unrecognised usb device

on discovery vbus is connected to pa9 there in this board i have no vbus on pa9 or i need also to pullup and pa9 with 3.3v too.

check Device Manager to see the VID and PID - if it is working at all it’ll report there ?

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You dont actually need 22ohm resistors and you dont need to use PA9

There is obviously other fluff in the clack valve.

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seems board have problem so i did different tests:

vcc - gave me 5v
3.3v - gave me 5v
gnd work well as gnd

1.) i did blink sample on C++ nothing happen

2.) did all pin PD12,PD13,PD14,PD15 hight only - voltmeter show me 0v

but when i connect to SWDIO i can flash / erase memory / erase chip
(and show me debug on low voltage) …

I just picked up a couple of these micro’s from a local supplier. Did you get your port to work? I don’t have a board yet but plant o make something with them soon.

for that mcu tinyclros was ported without problem from nucleo-f401 porter

but i have problem with owned boards do not recognise dfu nor pa11/pa12 and boot sequences.

so i left shelf those no name boards.

here is latest TinyCLROS 0.11 - STM32F407 discovery (from some pice of source code take from CERB)

but not tested since my boards do not work :slight_smile:

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I’ll have a look at this after I have the board built and ready for testing.

Did anybody test that port?