Problem: directory read with hidden folders

I had a customer report a problem in which a file could not be read from a USB drive using one of our systems in which we have embedded the ALFAT 2 chip. I had them send everything back and I discovered that the problem was caused by a hidden folder on the USB drive (in root directory) that was messing up the ALFAT directory list process that we use to scan for the required file name.

Apparently, Windows 8.1 will create a hidden system folder on a USB drive automatically. So, this is a problem that will grow more frequent unless I figure out how to make the ALFAT directory list process smoothly handle a hidden folder or file. Do you have any advice on how I can deal with this situation with the ALFAT?

@ Aventech -

We will take a look on that.

Is there further news on this matter ?

@ DraganaM - what is the problem you are experiencing? A bit of details on what you need please.

@ DraganaM -

I made few hidden folders int root folder and subfolders, tried to explore them, looks like good for me. Can you tell us more details how to reproduce, please?

And are you sure that that USB is formatted in FAT system? not NTFS?