Problem at using BrainPad with Visual Studio 2017

I always get the following exception code: “An error has occurred: please check your hardware”

I use WIndows 10.

I have the older version of the Brain Pad with Rev. 1.2.

Does someone have an idea?

Do you see it in the device manager? Do you have the latest firmware loaded? Do you see the device under the settings in your project?

Thanks for your fast answer. At the device manger I see the Device (G30), at the Visual Studio Project I dont see my BrainPad. How can I update or change the firmware from the BrainPad?

Gus, I have tried to search for informations under but all informations about the Brainpad and Visual Studio 2017 is not longer available.

Does this is an technical exception or is this the intention from GHI?

We are building a complete new set of docs separately. The new docs will be made with teachers mind. It is not done yet but take a look

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Ok. Thanks for that. Is there a video or an document that shows how I can update or change the firmware of the BrainPad?

chase these links:
(Brainpad is an STM32F401 so you will need the STM bootloader instructions)

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I do not mind helping you one on one or you can wait a few days as we are finishing the docs this week.