Price Question

Hi guys

I would like to buy the FEZ Ultimate Kit. When I look at the price, it’s 150$. If a convert this price to Euros (because I live in France), the price is about 103.2 (using a exact currency converter).

But, when I try to find this kit in Europe, is always higher than 130€ (watterot seems to be one of the cheapest resaler).

Could you explain to me why there is a “so” important difference between “real” price and price done in europe ?

(I could understand a difference of 10/15€ due to shipping cost between GHI and europe, but 30€ seems quite a lot (almost 30% of the price).


You may also find out that usualy the price shown here is before tax, and the price you see in europe is most of the time tax included… :wink:

Maybe you should factor in taxes, import duty and brokerage that the distributor has paid to get the products from GHI to France.

Then there is an addition of “cost of doing business”. The distributor does not order in the products just in time for you order. They have to invest money in the inventory , then there is administrative costs (rent, phone, email, website etc.)

A portion of these costs get into the price structure.


This is a good question to the distributor you have in your country, right? :slight_smile: We do not know what the price include and what duties and taxes your country charges for import.

How much is the vat in EU?

Depends on the country.

Belgium: 21%
Netherlands: 19% (IIRC)
Germany: 19.5%

sodit welcome to the club :slight_smile:
I don’t know if distributors get this kits for price which are on US shops. I think they get it cheaper then add VAT, import customs and % to earn some money… :slight_smile:
I think that have better prices than watterot for example ChipworkX Development System is cca. 70€ cheaper.

Why don’t you order in the US?

GHI can deliver very quick, I experienced that myself.

Keep the total costs below the import taxes minimum of your country.
That can make you happy.

Cu Wim

WimC I think this will be imposible :slight_smile: For example in our country limit is 25€(shipping included) and they request shop/manufacturer link or invoice. :slight_smile:

thanks guys

seems to me that Miloush is able to offer best price in Europe.

Even if I understand that VAT has to be included within the price, sometime, it seems that the
% of the resaler is not the same depending on the product.

This is not really suprising but, sometimes, it’s just that it looks quite “high” considering the former
price displayed on the GHI Site.

Anyway, guess Miloush will be the one :slight_smile:

Anyone has already shipped from Miloush ? Happy return or got some troubles ?

Dejan said:

Which country are you talking about?
According to Dutch customs: EU until 430 euro free of import tax.

Cu, Wim.

Slovenia :slight_smile: After 25€ we must pay 20% DDV(VAT) and 5% import tax + 5-30€ procedure tax …

gush, this is pure extorsion :slight_smile:

And Slovenia is no EU?
According to it is.

Cu, Wim.

It is in EU but this do not mean anything if I order things from non EU country’s…

sodit did you contact Miloush? Did you get any reply from him?
I would like buy ChipworkX Development System from him but I didn’t get any reply from him…

hi Dejan

I didn’t contact him, but will do it next week.

I was expecting a bank transfer (my form company bankrupted month ago and I was waiting for indemnity to come)

As I received the money, I can now buy my FEZ ultimate kit…

I’m about to contact him soon…

Only for info prices on page are without VAT.