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Preview of the upcoming Gadgeteer free ebook


What would be a great addition to the open-source Gadgeteer? It will surely be an open source book!

This is still a preview with a lot of typos, grammar errors and possible false info! Please take a look and provide some feedback. THIS IS INCOMPLETE and IN PROGRESS still :slight_smile:

I have set a wiki page for notes and improvements but lets stick to this thread for now till we have the book more complete

The book is found at

Feedback is most welcome by replying to this post.


Acording to your book the FEZ next will be added…

I think a lot of ppl would like to know a little more about that…


This looks like it will be really useful - I’m a .NET software developer and pretty new to embedded stuff, so this kind of guide will be invaluable. I was looking for something like this when I received my kit a few days ago, so glad that it’s being worked on. I’m especially curious about the daisy-linking thing…

One general point - I’m hoping to use the gadgeteer (or other FEZ board actually) at work to prototype a new device, and the final section of the document is very persuasive as to the advantages of this approach. However, could you do another version of the doc formatted without the monkey image all over the place! Although I know that’s the FEZ logo, it does somehow make it look like it’s only aimed at hobbyists rather than also a serious tool for commercial prototyping - which I think it actually is. I know it seems ridiculous, but little things like that can affect the way some people see the product, and it could cause them to judge it incorrectly and unfairly. So if we could have a boring corporate formatted version of the doc, suitable for passing up to management that would be great. For now, I’ll try to cut and paste into another doc…!


First, welcome to the community.

Second, I totally see what you mean. We like to keep engineering fun around here. Most users you see here are professionals over the age of 30 who make living as developers. Young people and hobbyists usually pop in here for a question but are not regular! You have got to love the monkey! I am kidding :slight_smile:

You still have valid points and we will consider them. Keep in mind that the book is open source so it can be modified anyway someone wants.


Thanks for the welcome. No, the monkey is great - just not sure what my bosses would make of it!


Good start! Thank you for mentioning my work as well! ;D


I wanna know more about Fez NEXT !!! It will be based on Usbizi or you take a further step ?


Next is next, no going back…you get the hint


Oooooooh, does this mean a new chip design…?


Thanks Gus thats was what I wanted to know.


This book is a great start! Just finished the book with my new FEZ Spider kit and all went smoothly! Looking forward to more content, thanks!


Thanks aquaseal and welcome to the community.


From page 4.

I think you mean… “If you need the writer specifically, just ask for Gus” :wink:


pacifically, finny!

Thanks for pointing it out. The book needs a lot of fixing and additions.


I’m reading through it now getting ready for the arrival of the Hydra. I’ll list everything I find here.


pg 13



pg 15

“more advanced than”


“Windows should detect it and automatically…”

“…that are connected.”


pg 17

“…change the name by going…”


pg 18

“…needed software, and the device…”

“…which is what we need to plug the mainboard into a PC.”

“…nor will it harm…”

“…on the mainboard…”


Also, the footer is missing.


pg 19

“This should create a project for you…” ?