Preview of GHI NETMF v4.2 and Gadgeteer installers package

This is no longer supported, please use this


If interested in testing out NETMF 4.2 beta you must first uninstall Microsofts NETMF 4.1 SDK and all GHI installations.

Projects created with NETMF 4.1 won’t work, start new project in 4.2 and move the source files you had in the original project over.
Do not forget to update the firmware (GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software) on your device, including TinyBooter (if applicable).

If using Ceberus, Cerbuino, Cerb40 then using v4.2 is required.

[title]Required installations[/title]

  1. Visual Studio 2010 or Visual C# express 2010 (free)
  2. Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.2 QE1 SDK
  3. GHI NETMF v4.2 and Gadgeteer Package

[title]General Release Notes[/title]
Details are included within the SDK release note files.

EMX (FEZ Cobra/Spider)
[ul]Support for UART, GPIO, SPI, I2C, Analog, PWM.
Premium library essential components are included. Note that OutputCompare was renamed to SignalGenerator.
No Networking support yet.
Current support for FEZ Spider (uses EMX) is enough to cover all Gadgeteer modules except Ethernet and WiFi.[/ul]

FEZ Hydra
[ul]Complete peripheral support with OSHW libraries, including SPI, I2C, UART, SD, OneWire, and GPIO.
Display configuration is not dynamic and is locked to 320x240 in this release (T35 Display)
No native touch support, can read touch using managed C# code.
Ethernet (ENC28 module) is not dynamic, two firmware versions are provided, one with/one without Ethernet.[/ul]

FEZ Cerberus/Cerbuino/Cerb40
[ul]There is no v4.1 support. Using this release is required.
Near complete peripheral support with OSHW libraries, same as FEZ Hydra but is missing SD and CAN.
USB Host is not implemented.
Ethernet (ENC28 module) is not dynamic, two firmware versions are provided, one with/one without Ethernet.[/ul]

[title]Source Code[/title]
Open-source products (FEZ Hydra, FEZ Cerberus…) have source codes, including OSHW libraries at
Note: This is the same STM32 respiratory we used for FEZ Cerberus before but it was renamed so it now includes them all.

Almost everything is done but three things are on the back burner until we finish more important features. They are CAN, SD and USB Host support for FEZ Cerberus and its derivatives. ST provides all needed code for both, it’s a matter of moving and porting the code. Contributions are always welcomed.

great thanks

Do you mean uninstall 4.1 SDK?

Good catch. Corrected.

It would be nice to be able to use both 4.1 and 4.2. Why can’t they coexist?

4.2 supports 4.1 SDK devices so you can use both 4.1 and 4.2 devices with 4.2 SDK.

I have updated everything. I start a new 4.2 VB project and I don’t see USB Dual Power module in the toolbox. I have also tried with C#, 4.1SDK, Cerberus, Hydra. Nothing!

Vb?! Did you make a gadgeteer project?

Yes I do! Usually, I add the Dual Power module in the Program.gadgeteer surface but I don’t see it. Maybe I’m blind today.

I had noticed that the DP and SP were not showing up in an earlier beta. I figured they were left out for a reason, since it is not necessary for them to appear in a Gadgeteer diagram.

link is gone, error 404 on GHI NETMF v 4.2 preview.

Taken down to fix an issue. Its up now.

Also, for anyone that has previously downloaded it, please download again. The only thing that you will need to uninstall/re-install is the GHI Gadgeteer SDK. This will give you access to the USB Client DP and Led Matrix modules.

Still down… :slight_smile:

Back. Thanks… :slight_smile:

Does this include SoftwareI2C? Has anything been fixed regarding SoftwareI2C?

We never received a detailed bug report to fix :wink: it works just fine with daisylink modules.

Btw, if you have bug report then start new thread please.

@ Gus -

What’s the difference between this and the beta package that was already available? Does this just add 4.2 support for FEZ Spider?

Fixes many things as well. If using beta, always use the latest. Many things change, some maybe missing from release notes as well.

@ Gus - My only concern is that I don’t want to flash the firmware on my Spider boards this close to MADExpo. My Hydra board isn’t currently assigned to a specific project, so I can be a little more edgy with the firmware on that.

If I don’t update the Spider firmware, can I still develop 4.1 apps against it after installing this package?


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