Premium on Package 2014 R2 Beta 2


I’m new to .NET Gadgeteer and I’m trying to understand a bit more about this premium sdk.
I originally installed just the R2 Beta 2 but it’s missing the premium SDK folder in C:\Program files(x86)\GHI Electronics.

So a few questions:
Is there a premium sdk for the beta?

Is it better to use the old sdk? and if so, do I need to downgrade the mainboard to 4.2 again?

@ Usr200m - If you are new to MF/Gadgeteer, I would not use the beta. There are changes which have not yet been reflected into the support documentation.

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Ok, I’ll stick to the old one.
But one more question: Why does the step-by-step instructions ask you to download the NetMF SDK and the .NET Gadgeteer package? Doesn’t the .NET Gadgeteer package include the corresponding NetMF SDK?

@ Usr200m - The GHI installation packages include the MS Gadgeteer SDK but not the basic MS Micro Framework SDK. Where does the documentation say to download the MS Gadgeteer SDK?

@ Mike - Here:

Hm… Ok so I can install the 4.3 NetMF, and the 2014 R1 Gadgeteer package and it would work fine (targeting 4.2 builds)?
What about the updated GFE1 release of 4.3? would that work fine also?

(sorry, it’s a bit to many version numbers to keep simple).

Microsoft SDK
Gadgeteer SDK (premium and open)

@ Usr200m - I would follow the suggestions on the support page. you can install the 4.3 SDK and then use 4.2. I assume you are using VS2012, which is the only justification for the 4.3 SDK.