Premium Library

Hi All.
I preferred fez hydra over fez spider,because of speed and availability of schematics, linux on it and opensource things.but later I found that fez hydra lacks premium library and I need some piece of premium library in my project.

Is there any way to buy premium library separately?
Is it technically possible ?

Thanks all.

I think that the best thing to do is to contact GHI directly.

There is no Premium library for Hydra - not even that’s been hinted at as available if you really really needed it and paid for it. The only hope you would have would be if you hired someone to write the necessary code for the features you want - if you engaged GHI to do that you would obviously get benefit from their experience and code from their real premium library.

@ phenomx64 - Welcome to the forum.

If you tell us what functionality from the Premium library you need, then we might be able to suggest alternatives.

@ phenomx64 - Like mike suggested, what feature do you need?

Thanks dudes.
The most important feature i need is usb host and usb client.I really need these features coz my project is like some data logger.

When i saw fez hydra i thaught it’s the best ideal ever in my mind,but later i found it lacks this premium feature.
Is there any solutions friends?

@ Gus ,@ Mike,@ Brett,@ leforban

Thanks for your your help & welcome.

You can USB Host using MAX3421 chip but then that is a lot of work. It will be much more efficient to use G120 at that point.

As for USB device, this can be done as well as hydra is open source but this I also few weeks/months of work.

Hydra is a very powerful board with many great uses but looks like your needs are not best fit by hydra.

I’m an IT professional in networks and networks security but have interests in programming these boards too.
I’m a newbie in electronics. i don’t know how to do these you said :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
You are right.I must use G120 or spider. but still loves hydra.
I really love this : “Where hardware meets software”

Thanks for your help my friend.

@ phenomx64 - Instead of USB client for CDC serial support, you could get a Power/Serial module( The end result will be the same and is compatible with the Hydra.

USB host, as Gus said, is more of a challenge.

I’ve been working on this in and off for a month. Skewworks will have a solution eventually but for now a board w built in support is the best option.