Practical examples of GPRS handling needed

I need to know where can I get practical examples to:
Connect with the modem
Connect TCP
Send data.

I have some functions like SendTCPData or ConnectTCP, but I don’t know how to use them.

In documentation

Tanks for your answer.

Yesterday, I downloaded the latest version of the GPRS module drivers. These libraries have functions like “ConnectTCP”. So, why should I open a serial port or configure the communication with AT commands manually?
I can’t guess what function I have to use. I think that there must be a tutorial somewhere, for these libraries.

You must send AT commands manualy because each GPRS module need different commands to initialize connection. Then when all is setup right then you connect by simple PPP stack…

The TCP configuration seems to be right. Now I have another problem and it’s not simple.

I tried to send data using “SendTCPData”, and it always return the same response. "Invalid AT Command"
This library is open source, so I followed the program step by step and saw that “SendTCPData” is using “SendATCommand” for “AT+CIPSEND” (obviously) but try to send the data by “SendATCommand” too!!!
It will return “Invalid AT Command” because it is not an AT command.

Please tell me where is my mistake. Because, if I’m right, the .dll downloaded, was not debugged ever.

Thanks again for your support.

On which device would you like use it? For TCP you can use Sockets and not need to work with GPRS module TCP/IP stack…