PPP Source in .NET

I’ve got a special project that requires a remote device establish a PPP session including the running of a script prior to that handshake. After the PPP is established I need to tunnel requests through to my actual network. I’m looking for PPP source that is either flat C, C++ or C# that can act as a client and a server, will compile under Visual Studio and of course, then, run under Windows Server. I could probably use RAS and write a virtual modem driver to handle my transport requirements, but I’d like to see what other solutions exist first. Any ideas?

Hi Andre.M,
Yes, I now know from Gary that the GHI product doesn’t support Windows Server and its source is not public. He suggested I post my request on the forum in case anyone knew of a solution elsewhere.

I should/could have been more precise… Their source, were it available, has never been compiled under Visual Studio (and I will, for now, assume any other Windows OS platform/compiler), and thus will not execute on a Windows Server platform sans a sandbox emulator. Absent access to their source, however, renders this aspect moot.

PPP should be part of windows, you do not need to implement it. Not sure what code you are looking for.

I’m looking for source that will handle the entire PPP negotiation and then allow me to tunnel traffic.

I’ve got devices in the field that normally call in with a modem to a Cisco box tied in via a T1. That Cisco device, along with RAS, handles the PPP and tunneling process.

I’ve replaced the modem card on my field device with a plug compatible device that emulates the AT command set and on the DT establishes a 3G connection to software I have on a Windows Server.

That 3G connection is already on my network. The device my now wireless modem card is connected to is running Linux. It will now try to establish a PPP connection. My replacement card will simply forward all of the data over the 3G connection to my server where I must do “something.”

Unfortunately I do not have the option of informing the Linux software to simply use the PPP connection I’ve already got over 3G.

Correct, andre.m. The suggestion by Gary of GHI to post on this forum was to see what members of this community may be aware of to assist with me finding a solution. He already made it clear that GHI does not have a solution for me. That is was placed as a netmf thread is as good as any other. If you’re aware of a solution, or if you are aware of a more appropriate location for the post (without being anatomical), please provide that information.

Sorry for the confusion, I meant to say to post in the “Off Topic” board of the forum