PPP Over Serial - Swap Tx Rx pins


We are developing IoT devices and we are using Wifi and 4G LTE modules over UART. We managed to successfully use PPP over serial with TinyCLR OS without a hassle.

But we are wondering if it is possible to implement the swaptxrxpins configuration on PPP over UART network configuration settings?

Thank you

Uart has property allow to swap TX and RX pin,

Is this what you are looking for:


Thanks for your response.

I am looking for the property in UartNetworkCommunicationInterfaceSettings used in PPP over Serial. UartNetworkCommunicationInterfaceSettings has no property for Tx and Rx pins swap.

            NetworkCommunicationInterfaceSettings = new UartNetworkCommunicationInterfaceSettings()
                ApiName = SC20260.UartPort.Uart7,
                BaudRate = 115200,
                DataBits = 8,
                Parity = UartParity.None,
                StopBits = UartStopBitCount.One,
                Handshaking = UartHandshake.None,

I see,

for now, you can use marshal to change the uart register, there is just one bit in CR2 register. And set this bit after you set communiate setting(this will call uart setting and reset all values become default).

About implementing, this is easy but requires adding one more field for proper way, so I don’t think good for now.

I think I can set bit 30 of baudrate value (there is no way uart can work at 1GHz). Anytime I see this bit is on then I will swap tx,rx pin.

But sound like cheating, I need an approval so don’t hope on this.

Dont worry,

It is best that I fix our hardware design.
This was intended to test a prototype and wont be a permanent solution.

Thank you.

oh, yes, change prototype is much easier :))