PPP on Cerberus?

I am wondering if the answer to this question is hidden in a post somewhere, but is PPP available on the Cerberus board now or in the future?

According to the SDK R5 News post, Cerberus is not in the list of supported devices, but I remember someone asking about PPP or USB-Host on Cerb?

Please see https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/46/fez-cerb-family-developers-guide

Seen it, but it was contradictory to my hopes :wink:

Any future changes on that?

If you remember, we were going to drop rlp to add host, but then we managed to squeeze both. I doubt we will be able to squeeze more.

However, we like to offer something very tiny with ppp… I will be yelled at if I say more :slight_smile:


Oh My God!!! Can’t wait for this “very tiny with ppp” :slight_smile:

Gus we just talked about this in our last staff meeting! :naughty:

Come on you guys, no one doubts that your possibilities are endless :slight_smile: