PPP Error with Firmware

When updating to I started getting an error at networkController.SetCommunicationInterfaceSettings() when previously I didn’t.

The error is: An unhandled exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.Network.dll

UartNetworkCommunicationInterfaceSettings networkCommunicationInterfaceSettings = new UartNetworkCommunicationInterfaceSettings()
                ApiName = SC20100.UartPort.Uart2,
                BaudRate = 115200,
                DataBits = 8,
                Parity = UartParity.None,
                StopBits = UartStopBitCount.One,
                Handshaking = UartHandshake.RequestToSend

However, if I change to: Handshaking = UartHandshake.None the error goes away.

The previous firmware version was 2.1.0-rc2.

Did you use the CTS, RTS of UART2 somewhere?

We just tried and don’t get any exception with that configuration. Try simple project to see and send to us that project.

My code is similar to the PPP example in the documents. The serial port is initialized in InitSimCard().
In the example handshaking is None.

To test in my code in the InitSimCard I set handshaking to None and in TestPPP() set the handshaking to RequestToSend and the original error went away. However, I started getting more errors in other areas where I check for signal strength. (Every few minutes I close PPP and check signal strength, then reconnect to PPP. There are timeout errors now in the signal check code.) It is more stable if I set the handshaking in InitSimCard() and leave handshaking none in TestPPP().

These errors are new with

Hi, we will take a look.

The different between 6500 and 6400 is WiFi AP mode password. if you think those are new on 6500 then 6400 just fine.

We don’t want the errors go away by different setup, we want to reproduce it. Just tell us exactly steps or send us a simple project.

I think I have resolved the error. In a few places where pin addresses get specified I still had some SC20260 instead of SC20100. I think when I started this project the SC20100 wasn’t part of the firmware yet. Anyway I search my entire project for SC20260 and changed everything to SC20100.

Well, ignore the above. I had rolled back to to test something else, when I updated to I got the error again.
More testing to follow. . .

I have tested with and I get no error. The error only occurs with

I will email you a simple project that I am using for testing.