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PowerShell Remoting to the FEZ Cobra II


Does NETMF have PowerShell suppport?

If so, can we run PowerShell commandlets on FEZ Cobra II?


Welcome to the forum.

NETMF is not a classical OS. It does not have a command line interface or something like cmd.exe.

So, something like PowerShell is not applicable or supported.


What Mike said does not mean that it can’t be implemented.
But you would need to implement the transport (TCP/IP, Serial, …) and the commands by your self.


I believe Mike has done something very close. You can even run vb scripts in his implementation :wink:


In the timesharing system I implemented, there was a command line interface, and a Basic program can be run. (Thom@ Skewworks did the Basic package).

Given enough time and effort, within the resource limitations of the board, almost anything can be done. ;D