PowerLine Communications Module

PowerLine communications is very common nowadays. But I have not seen any project/module that involves plc on net mf. Would it be possible for GHI to create a gadgeteer module and driver for the Devolo Green Phy communication?

@ djagab - Wouldn’t it make more sense to use the Ethernet module and an off the shelf power line adapter? Certainly this would be cheaper. Don’t forget that you still have to do all the mains high voltage interfacing and make it safe.

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@ djagab - I looked into it once. The components are expensive, the risks are large, and the consequences for mistakes are potentially disastrous. It’s just not worth it.

We have developed a power line communication on DC lines in the past but it was a real pain… so much unexpected interference on one side and unexpected filtering on the other side that we dumped the project after 6 months dev time…