Powering the Cobra Thru JST3AA Socket?

In looking at the Cobra PC Board, I noticed that the conductor path to the 5V pin of the JST3AA sockets are as wide as the conductor path to the 5V In/Out header. Assuming you are using a 5V regulated power supply can you back-feed power to the Cobra through the JST3AA socket as the sole source of power for the Cobra?
Thank you for your help, Carl

Yes, you should be able to do that with a regulated 5V supply.

Yes you can. Not recommended for beginners but you seem to be a professional trying to do this so yes you can

Gus - I’m amazed that you are able to do all that you do. You are a one man army, and a true inspiration. Thanks, Carl

I have always been told I work too hard but the creative guys at GHI are the ones that make all the magic happen. Only if you could see what ideas they come up with every hour lol!

It’s not a one man army :frowning:

Josef… I :’( for you.

Yes, I should have worded my comment better; Sorry!
To rephrase, for what appears to be a small company, GHI cranks out, at an incredible pace, one unbelievably great product after another. Additionally, the support and documentation is fantastic too.
To all the prolific team members at GHI, please keep doing what you are doing.
Thank you, Carl

Thank you Carl :-[