Powering servos from FEZ Cobra


I’m new to dealing with hardware, so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I would like to power a servo (Futaba S148) from my FEZ Cobra. The servo has three connectors - ground, power and signal. It takes 5V on the connection which supplies it with power, so my instinct would be to hook it up across the 5V In/Out connector and ground. I’m not sure how much current it draws when under load, but let’s assume something high for the sake of argument.

My question is - might drawing a large enough current through that pin damage the board in any way? If so, what’s the limit, roughly?

Thanks in advance

You will not damage the board…but, when you run the servo, touch the regulators and check for heat. If you can keep your finger on there for 5 seconds then it is okay but it if you couldn’t then the regulator is too hot and you need separate power for your servo.

It is a good practice to use separate power for motors anyway.

If you have a light load on the servo, you’ll be fine, if the servo is under any visible strain, you need a separate power source.