Powering Cobra II

hi all, I have two adapters for the cobra II. 1 is a 12v 1.5A, other is a 9v 200mA. Cobra II says 7-30v 800mA. If I use the 12v 1.5A will it fry the board or should I use the 9v 200mA or just purchase a new adapter?

12v should work fine. Basically it tells the 7v-30 with minimum 800mA is required. your 12v fits the requirements. 9v however is weak.

The Cobra mA rating is a listing of how much it needs.

Whereas the transformer is saying up to how much it can provide.

So in this case, the transformer won’t provide more mA than requested of it, and as the Superhuman said, the 12V should be fine.