Power Ratings for Gadgeteer Socket 3V3 and 5V Pins

Is there a milliamp rating for the power pins on a Gadgeteer Socket? Or is it a board level thing dependent on whatever red module you use?

I ask because I have in mind a project that will draw 120ma from the 3V3 pin, and I don’t want to fry my board or socket.


You can also add the power hub to give more power to individual modules.

Thanks Andre.M and Gus. I have the USB DP Red Module. So if I use a battery or wall-wart auxiliary power, I should have 800ma available, which should be enough, just as long as I don’t try to use my TE35 at the same time, right?

Of the current GHI modules, what are the top five power hogs? My guess would be:
(1) T45 TFT display.
(2) TE35 TFT display.
(3) 1602 Character Display.
(4) N18 Display.
(5) AP5.

Why not TE35?

And you have up to 800mA. If your wall adapter is 400mA then you won’t get 800mA :slight_smile: