Power over Ethernet Module for Gadgeteer!

I would like to suggest a red Power Over Ethernet module for Gadgeteer supporting the full 802.3af standard. This will bring the total number of power modules to 3, and would open up new and interesting possibilities for the Gadgeteer device.

I think Architect has something in the works. Not sure if it supports the full standard. We’ve seen prototypes, but he’s been very quiet on the progress of that module lately…

v1 is working,but it is relatively expensive. I am working on v2 using different chip. That one should be affordable. No date set.

PoE modules are generally expensive :frowning:

Expensive but useful. Arch what do you do for a living again?

We are researching options and may have something in future.

Has any progress been made to provide power over ethernet for Gadgeteer?

Bump. Any news on powering Gadgeteer devices from PoE?

@ dthorpe - see: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/creations/entry/9

@ RobvanSchelven - Thanks!

@ dthorpe - YW