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Power Control : changing clock speed


As per the documentation
ChipworkX is running at 200MHz. However, the user can, using register access, change the clock speed. This way, the processor will run slower and consume less power.

I would like experimenting with various clock speeds to figure out the optimum one for our application. Basically, I would like to reduce as much as I can to conserve battery.

I don’t know what register values to set to change clock speed.
Any help would be appreciated.


There is no simple answer for this. We are talking about an advanced processor with highly configurable clock. There is also SDRAM that is being refreshed so you have to be very careful with that as well. Make sure you understand your goals before spending time on this. You can reduce power but there are limits. The Module has many components on there, not just the processor.

This is the datasheet


Basically, you need to look at this section 25.3


Thanks Gus for the clarification.
It sounded much easier from the documentation. May be I should not play with this at this time.