Power consumption at shutdown with extended heap

Power consumption of the SCM20260N with and without extended heap at shutdown is different.

Tested on custom board with SCM20260N, FW RC1.

Power consumption at shutdown:

  • with extended heap: 21 mA
  • without extended heap: 1 mA

Is it bug? Any solution without waiting for a new FW?

I can see why. We will investigate and get back to you.

It seems that the problem persists, sometimes the consumption is low and sometimes high. Please check again.

Do you have a way to reproduce the issue with some consistency?

Is it a custom board? any special component added? and show us your code?

Just tested again on 20260D Dev and FEZ Portal with few different ways, could not reproduce.

We are releasing an updated firmware soon, so if you have time, provide a way to reproduce the issue.

Many thanks.