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Power Cobra II via Vin power pin?


Can I power the Cobra II with a 12VDC power supply connected directly to the Vin and ground pins?


yeah i’m going through a box and i have a power bulkhead connector.


Do not feed 12V into any pin labeled VCC!


Very Crispy Circuit? :smiley:


actually i ment Vin not VCC.
is that okay or will that result in a fried board?


@ MikeCormier - While you could power the board with 12V, it is best to be around 6 or 7 volts for heat reasons.

The 5V is produced by a regulator chip, which has to drop the 7 volts, when 12V is applied. Multiple this by the current used by the board, then you get how many watts must be dissipated as heat. With 12V, you would be dissipating more power as heat than what is actually used by the board.

Input 12V, and if the regulator feels too hot, reduce the voltage.

******************* NEVER MIND… The 5V supply is produced by a switching device. Heat is not an issue.