Post content sometimes missing

Every now and then I load a thread and the post entry is empty as if the text was deleted. This occurs on multiple machines all with either IE9 or IE 10. If I hit refresh the post text appears correctly. I have attached to screen shots of the incident which just occurred, the first shows the problem and the second is the same page after a refresh.

Might be a censure filter :slight_smile:

@ WouterH - to intelligent for the great unwashed like me? :smiley:

@ Justin - you read my mind, lol

@ WouterH - Please share with us lesser beings :slight_smile: . Actually I am serious about the lesser beings, I looked at your tiny video player, that is really cool!!!

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@ taylorza - Thank you for the compliment, Iā€™m sure you beat me in other areas! :slight_smile: