Possibly the best use of lego ever

pretty impressive stuff, this guy has way to much lego and time i think




This is one crazy machine! Love it!

We have taken our boys to the Legoland theme park outside of London a few times and there is some pretty cool builds there, but this blows them all away - very epic.
Mr Christiansen will have a huge smile lying in his grave. :slight_smile:

Now THAT is Amazing!

If that thing ever becomes self aware our balls our doomed!

WOW, just WOW.

@ Gus would be awesome to have some sort of GHI powered Rube Goldberg contraption like this on display in the MADExpo demo hall this year… maybe not that big though :wink:

Agreed…and if we start noodling ideas now, we might conceivably have the time to build something cool. :wink:

GHI has many ideas. We are only waiting to know when MADexpo is :slight_smile:

Yep, we should hopefully have a date picked in the next month or so.

Definitely want to make the “MAKE” portion of MADExpo much bigger this year.

Here’s a possible idea:

A machine that writes down the time:

Maybe have it write out the time every minute and either eject a paper card, or use an etch-a-sketch or one of those magnetic boards that can be erased by the bot?