Possible to load/interop C dll? (libspotify)

It would have been nice to get Spotify up and running on Gadgeteer/NETMF… Is it even possible to call into a C dll like this one?


I know there is a C# port of libspotify (not the wrapper but the dll itself) - but it’s aged and spotify don’t like us using the old protocol (v3) so it just disconnects the client


As far as I know you can not simply load the dll on your device and load the dll, even if it was built for ARM.
For a OSHW device it might be possible to ad it to the firmware, not sure about that.
On GHI Premium devices you could try to convert it to RLP. Also not sure if this really would work.

There are no sources for the libspotify dll from Spotify, so it would be hard to get RLP working. Guess the only solution is to try and port the C# only implementation, but that seems to be a pain in the. … especially since the implementation is an old and outdated version of the protocol - and not to mention all the “missing” namespaces in NETMF that it depends on.