Possible to connect small speaker to FEZ Music Shield?

I have a small 0.5V 16 ohm speaker and am wondering if it can connect it to the FEZ music shield without problem.

Thank you for reading.

It won’t be too loud but it will not cause any damage.

Thanks a lot gus. What are the options to make it play loud? My goal is to embed small or tiny (iPhone or iPad size) speakers throughout a model train layout which plays various train sounds. Do you have any speaker recommendations?

@ Chiliyago - Sounds like a cool project

Use a powered speaker, like the ones used with phones. Some are rechargeable.

Thanks again Gus,
I may use a small power supply to boost the sound but the speakers need to be tiny and hidden in the layout. I am working on N scale.

Thanks Justin,
This is a cool combo: Fez, electronics, robotic and model trains for me and my boy.

@ Chiliyago - cool project, I look forward to some video footage…all aboard!!!

@ Chiliyago - another model train guy here. I started looking into FEZ boards for the exact same reason. Be careful! I only managed to get a few lights automated on my layout before getting totally sidetracked with a new electronics hobby. Our train room is now referred to by my son as the inventing room :slight_smile:

Depending on the project specifics … you may want to look into something like this:

It wouldn’t be very loud

Alternatively, you could use something like this: